AI Survivor, A practical guide

Now that the AI revolution is here, the clock is ticking for you and/or your business. The potential for job displacement, business disruption and increased competition is high. What should you be thinking about to adapt, innovate, and thrive, in this brave new digital world?

Asimov. The Zero Laws of Robotics?

I love technology and I’ve been enjoying surfing another wave of development in the AI space. It’s fun and exciting, although safety questions pop up at the end of every conference and meetup I’ve attended recently. This article covers the safety, disruption and ethical subjects from the perspective of the near future.

Up the data stream without a paddle –
Google Analytics Part 2

You might find yourself paddling the data stream in the new Google Analytics 4, and it all looks and feels completely different. It’s not just a software upgrade and you go floating “merrily down the stream” crossing your stream metaphors with no consequence. This article is about the core concepts of Google Analytics 4, and how to adapt your thinking, to get the best results.

Analyse This! – Google Analytics Part 1

Google Universal Analytics is being replaced by Google Analytics 4. On July 1st 2023, Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data and some time after that, (probably around Dec 2023) these properties will be deleted. (Src. Google). In this article I wanted to research and explore some of the effects and implications of the new Google Analytics.

What’s the Reality of AI Design?

Recently I’ve been experimenting with AI generative tools from a technical and workflow perspective. By ingesting the text, images and other digital assets of humanity, these large language and visual models are as much a mirror as an interesting technology. 

Well. That escalated quickly!

In my previous article, “Much ado about something”, I discussed the growing popularity of ChatGPT and the potential issues and limitations associated with it. This week, there have been some significant changes to the application that addresses these issues and opens up new possibilities. 

Much Ado About Something

The cool thing about AI is that it’s reached the state of general consciousness. Oh not the robots. They’re as dumb as ever. I just mean that everyone’s started talking about it.

Broken. A Story of Online Development – Part 1

I’m not an absolutist when it comes to technology. Everything works some of the time. However, some legacy systems are held together by code that is between 10 to 25 years old, (63 years in one exceptional case). Given some of the ‘kludged’ together code, the market seems pretty OK with a significant slice of ‘broken’.