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Your Online Story is a consultancy that helps you create, optimise and share your business story online. We have the expertise to help you improve customer experience, optimise your digital assets, and provide actionable measurement through analytics.

Your online story is literally everything you do online, how you do it and what it tells you about your business. Your customers (and everyone else) recognise and associate with you and your brand, through the business story you tell.

Your Online Story grew out of this philosophy. We start with your story, your brand story and talk about customer experiences that resonate. We help you access technology and tools, reduce barriers and make connections. We help you measure and find things out, so you can take actions to improve, change course and build.

Your Experience

Maybe you’ve had the experience of buying advertising that didn’t seem to do anything? Maybe you’ve had a website made and wondered why the Customer Experience seems to be built by the ‘Business Prevention Unit’. Maybe you didn’t get the communication, strategy, creativity, project management, understanding, transparency, budgeting or service fitting the scope of your project?       

 We aim to do the opposite of that. 

Your Online Story

Your Online Story was started by Virgil Reality, a 30 year Advertising and Technology professional based on his experience delivering successful projects. Your Online Story is a registered Australian Business owned by BeingVirgilDotCom Pty Ltd

The people behind Your Online Story and any consultants we bring in, have both up to date technical experience and are governed by long term industry experience across a number of disciplines.

We provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large enterprises. Our aim is to help businesses build a strong online presence, increase leads, grow loyalty and engagement. 

Our philosophy is a holistic approach that is good for the business and also for the community that the business exists in. We’re committed to helping businesses create positive stories through their online presence.

Your Online Story was started to service some of the challenges that businesses face with telling their story online. Those areas where advertising or marketing on their own are inadequate to cover.  Those times when the customer experience is disconnected from the service. Those times where the core and key messages aren’t understood.

Your Online Story was also started to help businesses maximise resources, strategise, manage time, network and minimise risk. 

Finally by having great data reporting and insight strategies, Your Online Story helps to streamline and deliver benefits across a businesses service and products. This helps when scaling, staying up to date and meeting customer expectations. 

We’ve structured the content of this site to tell our story and be a resource outlining the topics you’ll need to know when telling your online story. Over time we’ll add useful articles and guides that help you further tell your online story and educate.

We want to help businesses increase their knowledge, benefit from networks and grow in the process.

Like your online story, we’re authentic and determined to provide the best solutions and services possible.

Your success online is your online story. Let us help you tell it.

Your Online Story is important to your team

We help with:

Let Your Online Story help you develop, optimise and measure your online story.

Your Online Story

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