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Your Online Story is a collaboration, education and app project. It comes from me, Virgil Reality. I’m a digital professional with experience in Advertising, Creative and Technology.

I started it to have a place to publish technology articles (from myself and others). I started it as a place to collaborate on experiments and projects. I started it as a place to keep developing and expanding on the adaption of technologies. A place to help tell online stories. A place to develop SaaS tools associated with the brand.

The reason for this is simple. Every project requires clear definition, construction, and evaluation. It’s not possible to do this well without getting the story straight.

This site has helped to adopt current and emerging technologies. Especially for colleagues, teams, workplaces, clients and more.

What’s Your Online Story?



Your Online Story guides individuals and businesses through online content and technology. We all believe in a strong emphasis on ethical practices. We provide useful content, insights, and solutions. We create, tell and measure unique online individual and business stories. We help grow the participation and success of individuals and businesses online.

Virgil Reality

I’m Virgil Reality the founder of Your Online Story. I’ve dedicated my career career to helping businesses navigate the digital landscape. Not to blow my own trumpet, I’m good at it with many successful projects delivered.

My story is here at: 

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Your Online Story

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    Are you an IT Failure?

    Jim Johnson (founder of the Standish Group) undertook research on IT project failure. This was in 1994. Jim and his team wanted to find out what was the cause of project failure and find ways to reduce it. By 2006 they had amassed a huge amount of data.  In their 1994 report, they found that 84% of projects failed or had challenges. 45% of developed features were never used. 31.1% of projects faced cancellation before they ever got completed. 52% of projects cost 189% of their original estimates. 

    Paint it Black – AI Graphic Design

    Recently, I’ve been putting together some material for a friend’s band tour to Vietnam and Cambodia. This has been a great opportunity to try another AI Workflow experiment. Paint it Black is one of the feature ‘covers’ that the band plays on their tours. Patrick rang and asked if I would like to put together a poster. Also other items like social media graphics. I’ve also created a QR for an extra bit of interactivity.  

    AI Survivor, A practical guide

    Now that the AI revolution is here, the clock is ticking for you and/or your business. The potential for job displacement, business disruption and increased competition is high. What should you be thinking about to adapt, innovate, and thrive, in this brave new digital world?

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