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Your Online Story was started by Virgil Reality, a digital professional with 30 years of experience in Advertising, Creative and Technology. It began with a vision to create a digital consultancy that treats all online projects as stories. 

The reason for this is simple. Every project, particularly in the field of technology, requires clear definition, construction, and evaluation. Proper documentation, including requirements and planning, is essential for success. Without these elements, projects are known to be statistically more prone to failure. 

Virgil had been telling technology stories, creating requirements that had business, functional and technical sections. He had been producing advertising and written content that had brand and key messages. Virgil also recognised the gaps in traditional advertising and marketing and saw an opportunity to create a more holistic approach.

As the internet became completely integral to business, Virgil evolved his approach to properly sit project scopes within the context of the profitability and story of those businesses. 

He evolved his online story approach from experience and has been applying it through Your Online Story ever since. It’s a unique, effective and tested approach for delivering any kind of online project. You get the story straight, build what’s required and measure the results.  

That’s Your Online Story


Your Online Story is committed to guiding individuals and businesses through the evolving landscape of technology with a strong emphasis on ethical practices. We provide useful content, insights, and solutions that adhere to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility. Our mission is to create, tell, and analyse unique online narratives, providing measurable outcomes that enhance the digital presence of our clients. By fostering ethical engagement and innovation, we seek to improve the outcomes for all businesses and individuals we come into contact with, contributing positively to the broader online community.

Virgil Reality

Virgil Reality is the founder of Your Online Story. Virgil has dedicated his career to helping businesses navigate the digital landscape.

Virgil’s story is here at: 

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