Broken. A story of Online Development – Part 4

Finally, some rule of thumb strategy tips that may help discussion.  This 4-part series provides a useful primer on how to approach technology and manage its integration into a business, with the aim of avoiding unexpected costs and issues.

Broken. A story of Online Development – Part 3

By this stage, you should have a blueprint for your project that outlines the Business, Functional and Technical Requirements. With this in hand, you can now begin to match the right platform tools to your requirements to start building the project.

Broken. A Story of Online Development – Part 2

Any development project you initiate will have to be ‘consumed’ – meaning that you’ll need to be able to incorporate the results of any project into your organisation. You and your team need to be able to plan, implement, use, and evaluate the effectiveness of the project. Doing so will ensure that the investment of time and resources is worth it in terms of the return on investment.