Your Customer Experience and Service Design

At Your Online Story we focus on delivering for the customer. We help integrate your business strategy and service into your online delivery.

Our Services Include 

Customer Experience & Service Design

  • Customer Experience: to create seamless and memorable customer journeys.
  • Service Design: We take a customer-centric approach. Designing experiences that flow with the service and sales funnel.
  • Online Strategy: that serves as the backbone for all your digital activities. We assess to identify what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • Content Strategy: that resonates with your target audience. We help you create and manage content.
  • Social Media & Community: to build customers around your brand. A strong focus on customer loyalty and engagement.
  • SEO: strategy designed to improve your site’s visibility and ranking. Making it easier for potential customers to find you and improving ROI on ads.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation: We optimise your online elements to improve conversion rates.

The Customer Journeys

  • Customer Journey Mapping: from brand awareness to sale. Ensuring your online story hits all the essential touchpoints for conversion.
  • User Experience & Interface: to ensure your digital platforms are intuitive with no barriers.

Analytics & Sales Conversions

  • Tagging and Measurement Plan: to provide measurement touchpoints for continuous improvement.
  • Analytics: to track KPIs, providing insights that help to fine-tune your customer experience.
  • Sales Strategies: to deliver a sales funnel with compelling calls to action.

Omnichannel & Competitive Analysis

  • Omnichannel Strategy: coordinating your brand message across your platforms.
  • Competitive Analysis: to help you understand your competitive landscape. Allowing you to position your brand with precision.

Performance & Monetisation

  • Performance Metrics: that align with your business goals. We measure the impact of your online story on engagement and conversions.
  • Monetisation Strategy: The right revenue model. Whether it’s subscriptions, one-off purchases, or affiliate marketing, to maximise profitability.

Planning & Feedback

  • Timeline: including time for testing and iterations, ensuring on time delivery.
  • Concept Testing & Prototyping: To test concepts, pivots and interaction before development.
  • Customer Feedback Loop: for continuous improvement and refinement of your online story.